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Specialty/Advanced Courses

CCL Pistol Training
CCW/CCL vehicle training
  • April 20-21, 2024 (9am – 5pm)
  • June 15-16 , 2024 (9am – 5pm)
  • July 20-21 , 2024 (9am – 5pm)
  • September 28-29, 2024 (9am – 5pm)

ILLINOIS CCL/CCW (16 hour class)

Do you own a pistol and want to get more proficient with it in order to obtain your Concealed Carry License (CCL) or re-certify your existing CCL?  This is definitely the class for you! In this class you will learn steps 1 through 10 on safe weapon manipulation to include all the fundamentals on how to shoot/operate your handgun. 
On Day One:  You will learn the fundamentals; how to draw from a holster efficiently, reloading efficiently, shooting multiple targets, weapon retention and more. 
On Day Two:  The second day of this class, will satisfy the second 8 hour requirement for obtaining the Illinois concealed carry license. We will also shoot some threat based scenarios dealing with a vehicle and interior tactics; to include the qualification course of fire. The round count is 200 rounds of pistol ammunition, you will need an inside or outside the waistband holster, at least 2 magazines (3 if a single stack) and a magazine pouch. Cost is $350 for the 2-day class (includes range fees and Illinois CCL Certificate). 

Vehicle Combatives Tactic

This is an INTERMEDIATE LEVEL class which focuses on defensive shooting in and around an actual vehicle with a carbine and/or pistol. Pre-requisite for this class is the Carbine (Basic) and the Defensive Combat Pistol Class or equivalent. Student must be proficient with the use of both firearms in a dynamic fashion and is expected to pass a qualification course of fire before conducting battle around the vehicle portion of the class. Required equipment is necessary for the class, to include an AR rifle, sling, 3 AR mags with pouch, Pistol with 3 mags, pouch and holster.  Body armor/chest rig (optional).   Round count is 250 rifle and 150 pistol.  Cost is $275 (includes range fees).

vehicle combat training
Shooting through a windshield
  • May 25, 2024 (9am – 5pm)
  • July 27, 2024 (9am – 5pm)
  • October 19, 2024 (9am – 5pm)
CQB training
CQB Training in the live fire shoothouse
  • May 18- 19, 2024 (9am – 5 pm)
  • October 5-6, 2024 (9am – 5pm)

Close Quarters Battle 1&2

(2 day class)

This is a 2 DAY class for the ADVANCED carbine/pistol shooter looking for that “next step” in firearms and tactics training.  Students must be proficient with both weapon systems in a dynamic environment.  Pre-requisite for this class is the Vehicle Combatives Tactic Class.  You will learn how to conduct room entries, clearing rooms/structures, shooting on the move, shoot multiple drills with the carbine and pistol.  Class will be lecture, dry runs in a structure, live fire CQB in a “tape house” and then live fire CQB in a shoot house.  Equipment needed:  AR, AR sling, 3 AR mags with pouch, Pistol with 3 mags, pouch, holster, Level IIIA body armor/plate carrier.  Round count is 550 rifle and 200 pistol.  Cost is $450 for the 2 days (includes range fees).